Monday, April 9, 2012

Creative Chemistry Week 2

Hello again!

Here are the tags for Creative Chemistry Week 2.  I used Paper Wings Productions stamp sets for all of the tags below.  This was such a great project for me because it felt like playing and I don't think I play with my supplies enough.  It seems like the only time I'm "creating" is when I have something I need to work on, versus just making art for the joy of it.  I'm definitely going to do this more often.

Day 6: Distress Markers - I had to use my Stampin' Up! markers because I haven't gotten my distress markers yet - I still liked most of my results. Can't wait to see the comparison.

a. Stamping with Markers - Butterfly Panel
b. Watercolor with Markers - Birds of a Feather, Texas
c. Blending with Markers - Frida por Vida

Day 7: Embossing

a. Distress Powder Resist - San Antonio Missions, Flourish Fun 1
b. Rusted Enamel - Melange Women 2
c. Nostalgic Batik - Life Framers, Mexican Folk Art, Muertos

Day 8: Paint Primer
a. Crackle Paint Resist - Framers Snapshot, Framers Details, Butterfly Panel
b. Shattered Stains Technique - Flourish Fun 1
c. Dabber Resist Technique - Melange Women, Flourish Fun 2

Day 9: Perfect Pearls

a. Perfect Distress (hard to see, but trust me it's there) - Let's Eat Cake
b. Perfect Distress Mist - Geishas, Melange 3 & 4
c. Perfect Splatter Distress - Melange 3, Melange 4 & 5 Architecture

Day 10: Dimensional Mediums
a. Rock Candy Distress Stickles (pretty sparkle, can see some when photo enlarged) - Melange Women 2 and Melange 4 Architecture.

That is a lot of tags!  These will serve as a great resource for future projects.  I'm so glad I was able to take this class.  If you haven't tried Online Card Classes, they offer some great choices, great tutorials and great prices.

Have you played with your art supplies lately? If not, make a date for yourself this week and have some fun!

see ya later!


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  1. OMG You actually did the tags for the class! I never even had time, but I really want playtime for this! Your tags are great! I'm glad you were able to do this! I loved the online class--would take another in a minute. And I have all the supplies--except the markers. Still hesitant on them since I love Tombow.