Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Craft Room Changes

Hello again! 

Just wanted to put another quick post up today.  I wanted to share what my dear husband created for me, but first, you must see the before picture.

Are you gasping???  Or, maybe just rolling on the floor laughing hysterically!  I had to spend a good while just putting all of this back either in its spot, or deciding on a new spot.  Do you see that TEENY TINY space at the front edge of the desk by the blue masking tape?  That is where I SQUEEZED some space to make a gift tag for a donated gift.  Even then I thought all of it would come crashing down around me.  hahahahaha.

Davis had built a small shelf for our bedroom television to raise it up a bit higher on the dresser and to allow a space for our cable / dvr box.  He suggested to me that he make one for my desk since I keep way too many things there that I want to have handy.  Now mind you, he just got me 2 of the IKEA carts as well (will share on a future post).  Can you believe there is more off to  the side of this????  ok - ready for the reveal???

TA DA!!!!

Woo Hooooooooooooo!!!  Yea!!!!!!!  I know it is still a little cluttered and a few things might change, but I really think I can work with this.  All of my supplies for Christmas projects are to the left on the clip it up and the blue basket.  The most used tools are right in front of me, and acryllic blocks are in the small white basket to my right, along with any stamps I need to have within reach in the white wooden box.  All of my Paper Wings Productions stamps are in a box in my IKEA cart to my right and, just in case you were worried....the stickles are in a box just behind the clip it up. :)  hee hee

I need to finish some projects this weekend, and do some more purging of supplies.  I'll post again when I have more to reveal!

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