Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Digital Art Journaling Pages

Yes - I said digital!  Where? :)
Fun? Yes!
Less mess? Yes!!
Easier?  Well, I wouldn't say that - but there are definitely some positives to both approaches.  I have three of my pages to show today.  I've been trying to sketch out what I want the page to look like before creating it instead of letting it just freely form before my eyes.  The reason?  I have lots of digital supplies, but I don't really know what I have and I have to keep going back and forth through my folders to find something that speaks to me at the moment.  I REALLY need to get that organized.  I like the feeling of making the art journal by hand because I feel like my stash is a little more readily available to me because I can see it and touch it?  Know what I mean?

The first prompt was Heart - I chose to use my One Little Word for the year as my inspiration which I thought was perfect since I want to spend more time expressing myself artistically and creatively - it is My Heart's Passion!

The prompt for this page was TREASURE - I thought this should be easy to come up with, but I really couldn't decide what to do here.  I did find this quote (labeled unknown - hope it is) which really repeated the sentiments of the first page.  But I think for most of us the things we treasure are held close to our hearts - don't you think?

This page prompt was HOME - and I had this vision of the four letters with the heart inside the O - you know how you see people use a heart instead of an O when they write words, except I made sure both are here on the page.  In this case HOME for me isn't my house, although these are the colors you would find here. For me, it is my husband - he is "home" to me. (love you!)  I added our name and our anniversary year at the top on the cute border strip I had almost forgotten that I downloaded from a designer at JS named named Nisa Fiin - her line is called Splendid Fiins and the set is called Border Bits: Brilliant

Notice the hearts on each picture - I think I want to keep that theme throughout these journal pages.
I used tons of supplies from various artists both at Jessica's site, and also some from other classes, like the brush class I took from Rhonna Farrer when she was still with House of 3. The artist who collaborated with Jessica to develop this class is Nancy Rowe Janitz.  I just love the elements, backgrounds and brushes that she created for this class.  I can't wait to make more of these pages.  I think they will get easier for me as I keep practicing.  Heart's passion - I'm liking it!!!


  1. Love the new look of your blog, Julie and your art journal pages are so cool! So glad you have done something with this class...I have been remiss. See you tomorrow.

  2. Hi, Julie! I do like your page! Your journal pages are very creative--I need to get inspired! The colors are gorgeous! I am amazed these are digital!

  3. Thank you so very much for your comment on my blog, lol close the curtains and you wont see the yucky weather. By the way these cards are stunning!

  4. I love how you've managed to keep your pages looking organic and artsy, rather than sticking with the clean lines of most digital supplies. Very cool!