Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My She Art projects

I have been wanting to explore mixed media more and try to over come my fears of using a canvas.  I think it stems from worrying about the cost of a canvas, which isn't very much, but thinking I might ruin it.  Well, I jumped in with two feet and I was so excited, I actually started three canvases. This was all due to Christy Tomlinson's She Art Workshop.  Here are the first three canvases from two different stages.  The first stage was bacground papers, ink or molding paste and the second stage was adding additional paint and rubber stamping.
Left: papers and a little paint. Right: additional white paint and red dots. 

Left: tissue paper and Tim Holtz tissue tape, plus two double sided swirl stickers. Right lots of added paint and textures.

Left: spray ink and stencils (some by Tim Holtz). Right: added paint scraped over molding paste dots and some added stamping.

I just couldn't get enough of making these backgrounds, so I found a chipboard book and began adding papers and paint to these shapes.  I really like how a different shape changes the whole look of the "canvas".
I should have some finished items to show soon.  Check back soon!


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